Mixx can help you though the application labyrinth which can be long and confusing. Mixx will find a team that suits your sports level and needs, to make sure you have a great university experience.
With 10 years of experience and hundreds of placed students Mixx knows all the university rules and what issues can arise and how to avoid them. 
University coaches trust Mixx and know the information about our students are liable and true and they can confidently recruit our athletes. Mixx will help you and your family to a good situation where you can develop within your sport and earn you univesity degree. Mixx will help you from day one and until you graduate from university in the USA. 

The first step in the process is to take care of your high school grades and classes. Your high school grades will have an important role in your process. 
The next step is to find out what your chances are to play sports in the USA. Fill out the free evaluation to find out what you opportunities are. 

The road to play university sports look different for everyone, since all students have different levels and opportunities. The timing of starting your process also has an important role of your process. Mixx goal is to maximize your opportunities to get you the best university situation possible. Mixx will always have a Plan A and Plan B for you, to keep all options open.