- University and Collegiate sports are the same thing. The term "college/ college sports" is often used when speaking of sports teams at University, so it is good to know that univeristy and college is the same thing. 

There are over 30 different competitive sports at university in the USA. There are different opportunities for participation and scholarships since the sports have different levels of participants and popularity.
Your level and experience within your sport is a very important factor in the process. Mixx will evaluate and compare your sportlevel to university and extimate your chances of being part of a team at univeristy. 
If you have been competing sucessfully within your sport for more than 3 years your chances are higher to find a team and scholarship. 

If the scholarship is not so important to your family and you are looking for the opportunity to be part of a team, there are options as well, since the levels of the university teams varies from the very top athletes to beginner teams. It is very important to pick a team that suits your level.

Sports with good opportunities:
- Football (Soccer) 

- Golf
- Swimming
- Tennis

- Volleyball
- Track & Field 
- Cross Country

There are also opprtunities for:
- Gymnastics
- Beach Volleyball  
- Ice Hockey
- Bowling  
- Lacrosse 
- Equestrian
- Fencing
- Rugby
- Water Polo
- Skiing  
- Wrestling  

There are opportunities to participate in the classic American sports like american football, baseball, softball and basketball, although the competition for these teams is very strong.

There are about 1300 collegiate golf teams. The season is both fall and spring, and in total about 10-12 events per school year. 5-6 players travel and compete at each event, and there are usually about 9-12 players on a team. 

There are about 1600 collegiate soccer/football teams. Soccer is a fall sport, with about 20 games from August to November. During the spring the team practice a few times/week and play a few practice games. The team size varies from about 22-30 players. 

There are about 1100 collegiate tennis teams. The team competes in both double and single matches. Season is from January to May. Each team has about 10 players.  

There are about 1100 collegiate volleyball teams. Volleyball is considered a female sport with about 900 teams, and about 150 teams for the men. Volleyball is a fall sport and the team play about 20 games per season. The team has about 15 players. 

There are about 1200 Track and Field collegiate teams. Track and field is a mixed sport, where the male and female athletes often practice together. The indoor season is from December to March, and the outdoor season is from April to June. 

There are about 600 collegiate swimteams. The season starts in November and ends in April. The men and women's team usually travel to events together, and each team has about 22 swimmers. The univesity usually have different distance than pools in Europe and other countries.