Do you dream of
playing collegegolf in the USA,
but don't know where to start?

Then you have come
to the right place!

Mixx College Consulting will guide you through the university process, which can be long and complicated. Mixx College Consulting will find you a team and school that suit your level and needs. Mixx College Consulting can guarantee you a spot on a team and take full responsibility of your process, and will support you during your university adventure in the USA. 

The Process

Mixx College Consulting will help you and your family through the long and complicated 
university process. To have the best expreience its important to find a team that suit your academics 
and your sport level. 

University Sports

There are over 40 different sports offered at universities in the USA and about 500,000 student athletes. Sports is a big deal and being part of a team will enchance your university experience. 

The System

To become a member of a team, and to receive a scholarship you must be cleared by the NCAA or the NAIA. You must also fulfill the academic 
requirements to be accepted and be part of the sports team.